Ethiopia Country Programme

Theme: Energy, Gender and Poverty Alleviation

Ethiopia’s energy sector depends heavily on traditional biomass fuels (fuelwood, charcoal, branches, leaves, twigs, and, dung), which account for more than 90 percent of final energy consumption. Most of this is delivered by women fuel wood carriers (WFC), who walk many kilometers out and back daily to collect and bring loads of branches, leaves, and twigs to markets. Target humanitarian assistance Canada association’s Ethiopian Rural Destitute Women’s Project intend to assist the estimated 20,000 women fuel wood carriers in Oromia Regional State of Eastern Hararghe and western Hararghe zones Rural districts.

The first phase of this project will be a pilot intending to assist 1,200 Destitute Fuel Wood Carrier Women’s (DWFC) in four Rural districts, namely Ciro & Badesa from Western Hararghe zone, Kombolcha & Badeno from Eastern Hararghe zone, the project will be implemented jointly by the Oromia Regional State Women’s And child Affairs Office and Destitute Women Fuel Wood Carriers Association that will be established at Zonal level.

What we do?

To improve the standard of life of Ethiopian children and young adults, who currently live below the poverty level, by increasing the availability of basic education, and sponsorship. Our goals are to achieve the following:

  • improve the livelihoods of 3,700 orphan and abandoned vulnerable children
  • provide educational support for 4,780 students and OVC
  • support 1,200 women-headed families in finance and material
  • provide special care for children living with HIV/AIDS.

Current Projects

To advance education providing books, equipment, and educational aids to the student attending school in East and West Hararge in the Oromiya region, Ethiopia

To advance education by providing public available scholarship, bursaries and other forms of financial assistance to students in Ethiopia to be used for elementary, secondary or post-secondary education.

Group on focus

  • Orphans
  • Youths


  • Women
  • Students

Charity does not decrease the wealth

Ethiopia Country Programme

Sufian Abdurahman Usman

Sufian Abdurahman Usman

Country Director

THACA Africa Avenue P. Office P.O.BOX 75 Code 1110 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia +251-904-277-333

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